<> Lemons and Lemonades

Sometimes I forgot how it is to make friends.
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HP fan foreves!












(american voice) hairy padder

is that how we sound omfg


(british voice) ‘arry pouhta 

(australian voice) hay putta

(filipino voice) hari paterr

(canadian voice) hairee pawterr

(arab voice) heerry bootar

(malfoy voice) POTTER!


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The sun shed its last light
The temperature drops,
the sky turns dark
And with one resounding clap
Brace yourself,
Here comes the night

Watch the stars glisten
Watch the moon shine
The soothing song in the dark
Give it a listen
But do not be fooled
For sinister things are about to happen

Everything seems quiet
The eeriness rolled in
She looked up above
And all the lights went out
In her eyes you wont find delight
But satisfaction,
Tonight will be her night

With one swift motion, she raised her hand
All the creatures hide
For they know what’s about to be done
A smile played on her lips
Her eyes dilated
And the blood came oozing out

She wanders through the meadow
And laid there for a while
Her dress was stained
Her demons slain
But Looking up she thought,
Oh how beautiful is the night.

“If he loves me
He can wait,
If I love him
It won’t fade”

Edge of the UniverseAdam Marshall Photography Prints | Tumblr | Facebook | Flickr
Edge of the Universe
Adam Marshall Photography 

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This is just too strong

reading :)

wow. true

Because I will forever remember One Piece not just an awesome anime but also so much more :)
Illustration by my Cousin Earvin Ratunil
#one piece #anime love

Because I will forever remember One Piece not just an awesome anime but also so much more :)
Illustration by my Cousin Earvin Ratunil
#one piece #anime love

Did you have any hobbies or passions when you were a child? Like things your parents noticed you do alot and that you loved to do?

That would be singing then as it turned out, I sucked at it Hahah! I still sing though but only to pass time :)

Losing my mind. Well what’s left of it.

I can just pretend I’m fine. God! I wish I’m fine. I wish I’m better at analyzing things. I wish I could foresee the outcomes of my choices or decisions or maybe just speculate about it. I wish I could’ve been smarter. I wish I could’ve been calmer. I wish I caught myself before I spiraled down. But you see, I have been all those things And yet I still chose to go down the worst way.

Sometimes I do stupid things to hide my maturity. Does that makes sense or is it just another way of saying that I am really immature and stupid? What happened was a product of my stupidity. Although I knew that all along it wasn’t the best thing to do, I convinced myself that it wasn’t all that bad. It was alright, friendship lng nman gusto ko. I blinded myself with the lies I’m making even though the truth is starring me in the face. And because of that I have hurt two people and maybe even more. I’ve been selfish.
What sucks the most is that I am even more confused now than I was before. So this incident was added to the things that hold a giant question mark in my life. Added to the dark abyss that now has become my heart.

I want to shut people out but I think there’s no need of that. I feel so alone. I don’t think I can open up to anyone. I don’t want to either. I’m ashamed. I’m missing a constant presence. And it’s driving me mad. I don’t know how to react. Although most of the time I want to cry.

Time will help fix things. In time I will move past this. I may not forget but when I’ll look back, it won’t sting as much as it does now.

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Fudge this.

So yah I like him but that’s just it. I hope. Damn it! Why does he have to be cool? like my type of cool. And he has to be cute! Great!
I spend my day thinking of him. I wait for his text that doesn’t arrive. I am slowly losing my mind. Then I decided to stop waiting. Screw him! He’s just my friend anyway. Who am I demanding for his time? I’m nobody. So I put down my phone, log-out my Facebook and watch TV or shows on the net.
I check my phone every few minutes. A habit I inhibited over the years. My phone is like an extension of my life. A security blanket perhaps. Addicted? Probably. As you can see, or read, I do not have a life. So I checked my phone and what do I see? A frickn text message from him!
Do men have a radar in their system? Because they seem to know the right time to send a girl a bloody text message when she’s about to give up. This doesn’t happen rarely. It happens often. More often that it drives me insane! And because I act like an awestruck high school girl, I frckin reply!
His words doesn’t help either. He said things like, “That’s what I love about you! :P” Kuya pleeeeaaase! You have no idea what you’re doing to me.
I wish for it to stop. I wish for it not to stop. I enjoy his company so much that I would be glad if we can stay friends. Even if it’s just friends.